Tokyo Jetz - Down In The DM (Freestyle) lyrics

Down In The DM (Freestyle) lyrics


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[Verse 1] b**h don't come up in my DM, asking me no questions I don't know your baby daddy, p**y ho, no we not f**in' Give two f**s about your family, don't come at me as a woman See I'm real disrespectful, I'ma laugh ‘cause b**h you funny You know that he be sliding so that stupid b**h you wylin' Don't ask me for no favors, cut him off when I get tired You be blowing up his phone when he be tryna give me dome Can't blame him for your problems, can't f** up no happy home He f**ing with you for the baby b**h, that ain't really my business Gave away my watches, ain't got time to catch no feelings Got to play sh** how it go, and I can tell you kind of slow b**h I ain't tryna take your spot, won't catch me beefin' ‘bout no ho Don't care ‘bout no pillow talking or none of your stupid friends But I thought you b**hes knew, can't keep no n***a with no kid Let me guess, you heard about me, can tell you what they said I'm just gon' have several seats on your baby daddy's head See I thought that sh** was funny, maybe that sh** was rude But b**h you all up in my DM like you got some sh** to prove Moral of the story I don't owe nobody sh** So don't come up in my DM asking ‘bout your b**h Go ask your baby daddy, tell your friend that he denied me And go cry yourself to sleep ‘cause stupid b**h you know he lying It go down in the DM That breaking news if they see them But naw, I can't do no talking Cause n***as snitching way too often f** n***a

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