Tokyo Jetz - 10 Toes Challenge lyrics

Daddy smoked so the doctors called us crack babies
He said i helped him get clean but sh** you helped raise me
Granny house when we barely had food right
Hand me downs when we would get ready for school right

f** it cuz yall forgot where i came from
Wish granny could've seen the way we all came up
From the hood, food stamps we would hit the store and if you don't ball then you gotta sell dope
And cancer runnin' through my mama but she still smoke
My cousin got sentenced to 20 think it's still hope
I shed a tear writing this but i still smile i ain't made it yet my sister said she still proud
Worked day and night i made my first five bands and i got robbed the same night, n***as with pistols in they hands
Right before christmas funny how that sh** work
And i know the n***as that did it funny how it still hurt
Ain't ever had sh** and i don't even want much, cuz ain't no picket fences where we all came up

I made a couple choices felt like i wasn't ready, prayed for a month straight to let my baby into heaven

No tears please don't want pity or no sorrow, cuz every choice i made make yesterday's better tomorrows
The world on my shoulder still keep my head up, cuz i done did alot of sh** but i ain't never gave up
Don't want no handouts i'd rather i'd rather grind, so if i ever ask, keep that so never mind
Can't tell me 'bout a struggle you ain't live through
b**h i'm still proof i battling every odd with everything but an excuse

I never thought suicide a single day, wait i lied wanted to day ever since my granny pa**ed away
Some pain i wouldn't wish on a man on this earth
Cuz even with the time i still feel the same hurt
Wanted to throw it all away right after my first show, cuz ain't no way in hell Horace shouldn't made it home
And ain't no way my brother should've drowned in that lake, i should've been there to save him shout i'm sorry to this day
They ask me how i'm strong well i gotta be, told me imma fail well i gotta see, but plus Aiden at home and he gotta eat
Cuz we dont been to the bottom gotta get better
Ain't that why God put rainbows after bad weather?

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