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Toestah - Switch Up The Flow lyrics

[Intro: Sean Brown]
Uhh, yeah can I get a number one
Yeah, I'll make that a large
Horchata, thank you

[Verse 1: Sean Brown]
Hello friends, Sean Brown back on the mic again
I hope you enjoy this until the end
And if you don't I recommend
You go take a hike and jump off a cliff
I gotta a couple rolled if you need a lift
You're too uptight, learn how to live
I feel like every year I'm the man
Yo, my girl told me go get them this year, I'mma do just that
Wait, even if the government tell me to draw the Luminati I'mma stay back
Wait, my day one crew hold a n***a down since day one try to pay the fam
Base, got six billion people on this earth that can get up in my damn, state
I'm switching up the flow can't join the evil side
So there's gotta be another way
They say that it's the only rap so I got my middle fingers up
I can't be fake, and my hunger come from a lot motherf**ing pain
And the money that I don't make
I'm on my CP time, I stepped in the game so you know I'm feeling to be, late
And it's now or never, King Dave for that beat, ill need a check-up
Better then your favorite rapper even when I mess up
Flyest young n***a I ain't even gotta dress up
Kick down the door, run in the room
Put your hands up put the money on the dresser
Quit your b**hing that's what I want, answer
I don't want the Beamer, I want the keys to the Tesla

[Hook: Sean Brown]
Switch up the flow, switch up the flow
Rapping so boring nowadays
That's why I had to switch up the flow
Switch up the flow, switch up the flow
n***as so boring nowadays
That's why I had to switch up the flow

Hold up, hold up, wait, go
Hold up, hold up pause, oh
Hold up, hold up wait, go
Hold up, hold up pause, oh

Switch up the flow, switch up the flow
Rapping so boring nowadays
That's why I had to switch up the flow

[Verse 2: Toestah]
I'mma switch the flow up but I ain't switch up
Can somebody go and get Swishers
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Go that brown ale in her pitcher
Any your b**h want to take pictures
Out here minding my own business
But they love to know my business
I'm the man here in my city
If you don't see me you hear me
Who you know got work, that's working
Motherf**er don't front
Cuz you got there first
That work me, motherf**er don't believe it
Come see me, in person
Tell your b**h get down up on her knees, and worship
I'm a motherf**er lord son
How a motherf**er gotta get mine
I need a bigger portion, so important
I round around with my windows down
I smoke the loud, trying to earn myself a weed endorsement
I don't really care bout who you informing
And I sure as hell don't care who you ignoring
And if I catch steam and I break loose
You need a SWAT team with some reenforcement
I'm warming up this slight work
I'm pushing weight, you light work
I see ya looking, I like her
If I take your b**h that might hurt
I got c**aine powder that's white dirt
I swear the God this here is a light verse
If I die today, then promise me you take me out this b**h in a white hearse
Now let's go


[Verse 3: Sean Brown]
Wait a minute, third verse and I'm running
Gotta get it try to make my life something
Give me the gun, click clack and I'm gunning
Shooting holes through these other rappers lyrically
Middle fingers in the air no sympathy
I'm eating beats give a f** about the recipe
No treat hard work told you I'm a beast
Until I'm chilling with Shawn Carter in a suite
Somewhere in Central Pay
I can't let a hater mess up my day
Far from the top that's night no way
All the pretty girls just flock my way
Switch up the flow, better pump your breaks
MJ with the flu that's what it takes
Day one crew all day be the game
Alumni baby, we out this thing


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