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Todd Lerner - Outside of the Room lyrics

I step out of the room
I'm outside of the room
These new people here act strange
They don't do things the same

They talk about philosophy
They work and laugh and sing
They say, “Not thinking is the sin”

I say, “Explain, so I can understand”
This makes them happy and they tell me I may be their kind of man

“Come out here more into the light,” they say
“Out here the truth is never gray”

They are confident and free
The blinding sunlight makes me squint to see
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They lift their heads and smile and look right into me

They make me nervous and confused
I'm not sure what to do

I sneak away back to the room
Back to those people in the room

I say, “Look at them out there”
I scream, but they don't hear
They just nod and jiggle and they don't even care

Then I blink and things come clear
And the people in the room look small
Then they shrink some more and soon they disappear

Then there's no reason left to stay
So I turn and leave the room

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