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Tizzy - Thriller lyrics

[Verse 1: Tizzy]

This a thriller get your mic jacked
End quick like a time lapse, one hit and your mind capped
Listen to your shit like "That shit ain't no line man"
Get hit, pull your spine back, leave you dripping like the ice caps
This a thriller with no choreography
Your neck bent, collar clean, your next beds water deep
Slaughter team, me and Ale boi sure to see
Whores in threes, hordes of cheese and all competition will fall to me
Said this a thriller better close your eyes
Can't stomach it? My gang hunting kids, fags plummeting
You gassed up and shit? Our bones collide, your raps suffering
Against my older rhymes, I'm 16 and you can't fuck with this
Said this a thriller pay tribute to a classic son
Fuck black on black like my fashion sucks
But my tracks stronger, treat this shit like a marathon
Even if I've finished lines and haven't won, I'll be proud if I last longer
Said this a thriller, I'll see you in your nightmares
And I don't fight fair and if you die there you die here
Tizzy, Terror, Talent, Freddy, quick to get the mask and 'chete
Hit the deck and grab your betty 'cause once we start then you're motherfucking done already

[Verse 2: Terror]

Mesmerizing (x5)
Looking for a pool full of liquor to dive in
Escaping reality is how my times spent
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Psycho-killer fantasies make me rhyme best
I'll tear flesh, dagger to your bare chest, make you Tony Stark
Without the arc reactor, call me Captain like Shatner
Or call me father like pastors, leave your homies ghost like Casper
Friendly warning, I don't give two cents to penny thoughts kid
Sneak on your property and your body's getting torn quick
Rise through your wooden floor as a shadow and spawn limbs
Chop you up, dispose of you, make your arms float like warships
Lead the detectives to the scene and play a game with them
My talent scope is wide but my aim isn't
Pokemon intro shit, catch me in your window shit
Just glancing, coincidentally it'll be the night you turn phantom
Moving 'round might miss your city like a pageant winner
But if you don't like me, eat dick like a faggots dinner
Better be an active sprinter or get hacked and split up
Stashed in winter, in my fridge but you won't frost or shiver
Cotching Chivas the morning after I spent the night knocking ninjas
Chopping limbs up, all your broads get fist fucked and all your dawgs disfigured
This still a fucking thriller dawg
Fuck your filler bars
A killer come to seal your jaw
I ain't never gonna stop until I get a bill or pass
So real I can't see it through my headphones

[Outro: Coco]

Fuck Tizzy

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