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Tizzy - Redbulls And Interludes lyrics

[Verse 1: Tizzy]

Me and Dino, swagging out at the scene though
Passing out, they'll have to drag him out, still its me hoe
Ain't never trying to act, I'm on the rise, done told you bitches
Tizzy got the talent when they ask what happened you should know who did it
Flow too sickening, why you broke dudes tripping?
I'm broke too. I'm about to be rich, I think your bones too frigid
In my chucks and vintage jacket that I stole from big bro
Fuck he got a baby on the way got me focused on these clips yo
My blood cold but it runs deep, my funds weak
You must be insane trying to fuck with my money
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The team fam too, I been that dude
They hating yeah, yeah they scared cos I speak that truth
I'm just awake off some redbulls doing interludes
Let me speak my shit dawg you know that's what I'm built to do
And you know you got potential when all those fuck boys stick to you
You know you doing right when everybody you hate is sick of you

[Bridge: Tizzy]
I been stressing till my brother gave me pimp lessons
Now they wonder how we so nice son I been flexing (x2)

*Illy Amin-Redbull Interlude Bridge*

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