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Tizzy - Precious (Fat Joints) lyrics

Verse 1: Tony Walker

Smoke trees till I fall, Timber
Caramel apple pay attention to the swisher
I roll with big dogs
Call my n***as Clifford
And I f** the right type of b**h who makes me shift then enter
Whole room cloudy
Every eye drowsy
Type of green that we smoke you would think it's algae
Sinnin' in this basement with a few angels
And them hoes thicker than an obtuse angle


(Sampled from Smokey Robinson)

Verse 2: Tizzy

I swear my life is like a movie all the b**hes wanna do me
She s**in' on my dick, while I'm grabbin on her booty
See I'mma real n***a if you really f**in' knew me
Got yo girlfriend in the back, rollin me a doobie
Let her hit it once the b**h started actin' goofy
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Kicked the b**h out, cuz I don't f** with newbies
I say I'm mean but my dick ain't really sick
I told her weed over everything
s** a dick


(Sampled from Smokey Robinson)

Verse 3: Tony Walker

We faded
Besides my n***a Rose no Jalen
If them pussies catch him blowing they will start snitchin and hatin'
So we light another for him
And this barbie gone
I'm with her like Ken
Somebody thank the weed man
This feel like eden
And I got munchies but baby you I'm not eating
I run sh**
I'm from the lou
But my name is no Steven
And you will never touch my level this boss you ain't beatin'

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