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Tizzy - Dr.Guiro Heavenless) lyrics

[Verse 1: Tizzy]

Heavenless, I.M.C.R.A credited
Lord Tizzy black sheep and your fucking Shepard bitch
You don't deserve my presence so I may be there in a second bitch
Rev in fifth, peddling, till the motherfucking engine lit
Like I give a shit, let that motherfucker sit a bit
Walk away from the explosion like I'm not even listening
You tripping bitch, I'm Tizzy bitch the rest of you are impotent
Next to him, you inquisitive on how I'm so sickening?
The trick is tricks is tricked and skipped, bitch niggas isn't in the clique
Don't get mad at me, this shit is just the business
On that sizzurp I'm a wizard the way I string words into sentences
To put it simplest I'm finna get the best that ever did this shit
The devil was my son, goddamn his mommy bad
But he was too soft for me so I got his body bagged
This goes to any nigga here you have a scrawny chance
Against, basically the moral is how I got my godly rank

[Hook: Tizzy]

Heavenless, time is money I won't spend a bit
Underrated, they say the lyrics devilish
Wait till Wreckage hit, wait till, wait till, wait till Wreckage hit
I'm a mentalist with a mental list of all these fuckers I'm meant to hit

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[Verse 2: Tizzy]

I control this shit, I mean how could I not it's a part of me
Listening to Kontrol, just to get the mood of party scenes
I'm a con-troll, your bitch know I withhold the prophecy
Goddamnit I think Kendrick owes me an apology
Scotch and cheese, rather bodily than toxin free
All I see is boxes, wanna box with me? I'll turn you to a mockery
Hock and bleed, rock extreme the doc decrease the population
Girl what you waiting for? You know you wanting deez nuts


[Verse 3: Tizzy]

Intrusive, I'll be the one laughing when the nuke hits
Two bints, seducive, they know what the fuck the mood is
Alluder Captain Tal the future she know this is true bruh
She turned me so rock hard I'm like "Goddamn girl you Medusa?"
We kick it then I boot her, take a sick pic than I shoot her
Told her direct it for the director going straight to my computer
Internet, how the hell am I going to hell for this?
Like I give a shit you know I'm heavenless
Innocent in a sense with no sense heavenless I'm heavenless I'm heavenless
I'm motherfucking heavenless, heavenless (x2)


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