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Tink - Your Secrets lyrics

I think I really gotta get personal
I really gotta let you all on these oppressed emotions

My boyfriend is my best friend, and my best friend is my better half
He motivate me when I'm feeling lazy, he the best thing that I ever had
He know my flaws and he know my past
But it never matters cause he still with me
It feel good to have you by my side
On them cold nights when I don't feel pretty
Them old nights when I shed tears
Cause I wrote the things that them n***as said
I ran to you, when I laid with you
And you never ask who been between my legs
You never judge me for the things I did
You heard the rumors, but you never tripped
Cause that was then, and baby this is now
When you got my word, I won't let you down
I promised I love you with all that I got
You can have everything and I won't take it back
Cause I'm in it too deep, and I can't go a week
Without seeing your face and feeling your embrace
This sh** is real, sh** is real
I'll say it again, cause this sh** is real
And I don't care how these n***as feel
Cause you understand what they never will
And that's me

I won't tell your secrets
Your secrets are safe with me
Oh baby if there is anything that you fear
Anything, anything, anything

Have you ever been so stuck in love
Feel like every move just hurts a bit
But I'm still grateful, and I ain't complaining
Cause a lot of women never find this
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See It's hard to find somebody ready
It's even harder, to keep a thing steady
Cause faithful dudes, they don't come around
So when he come home, better take him down
I'm a freak on his body,
I'm a cook and clean his laundry
I'm a treat my man so f**ing good
And it sounds lame, but he's heaven sent
And without him, I'm not confident
If I can make it, or I can hold it
I tell him things, this is what he told me

I won't tell your secrets
Your secrets are safe with me
Oh baby if there is anything that you fear
Anything, anything, anything
(Promise that you won't tell my secrets
Promise me that
It just felt good to know that he was in my corner)

He slow me down when I'm moving fast
He's not like other guys, he's just so...
He knows me, he grew with me
When I told him i was going through some things

He held me down, he picked me up
Ran from me when I had enough
He laugh with me and he cried with me
And the time we spend, it's happening

I just have your back, to know that there's somebody always, is always gonna look out for you
And I really can't find anybody like, anybody like that but him so
When you have somebody that you can cry with 'cause you know
They know everything that you been through, and it's genuine, you know
When they don't judge you, they look at you the same

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