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Tink - Ratchet Commandments lyrics

[Produced by Timbaland]

What's up Tim?
Going in right here

[Verse 1]
I been at this thing for years, it's done turned me to an animal
Some of y'all ratchet, I'm a write you hoes a manual
Step by step, G sh** for you to keep
This the ratchet commandments, I need a moment to preach
(Thou shalt not) f** up on a n***a
When you know he got a missus, you are labeled, side b**hes
(Thou shalt not) lie upon the bible
How you looking for a title when you sleeping with his rivals?
(Thou shalt not) put trust in these men
These n***as are now b**hes, quit acting so feminine
(Thou shalt not) pa** up on the truth
If you know your p**y loose, you a ho, so do better

Every night doing the most up on Instagram
Ooh, maybe that's the reason why b**hes, they can't keep a man
Y'all can't sit with us
Ha, ha, ha, listen while I preach, church

[Verse 2]
These b**hes ain't really friends, she probably gon' take her man
I'm done with the phony hoes, these b**hes is really bugs
They rather be on the block than taking care of the crib
I'd rather be making money than taking care of some kids
(Thou shalt not) slip up on a heathen
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Always keep it cool, never let him know you need him
(Thou shalt not) let a n***a see you sweat
f** a b**h and get the check, move along, you know the rest
(Thou shalt not) respond to these b**hes
They envy what you doing and they only want attention
(Thou shalt not) pa** up on the truth
If you know your rent due, get the f** out the club


[Verse 3]
I told Tim like, I'm irritated, devastated
I thought, I thought we had some young queens, what you mean?
We act belligerent, generation of ignorance
b**hes live for the 'Gram so they life ain't got no significance
Boy this sh** be a trip like Expedia
She won't pick up a book but she'll probably bust it open for social media
Man, you'd be surprised, cuffing and loving and f**ing the team
Getting by just by living and making it work on they knees
Let's not debate it, these b**hes is overrated
They probably will never learn cause they lacking in home training, yo
But n***as lying on they money like every day
And n***as ratchet too, just in another way
You fake fathers never held your daughters, never had a conversation
You too f**ing immature to get an occupation


(Thou shalt not)
No, no, no, no
(Thou shalt not)
No, no, no, no
(Thou shalt not)
No, no, no, no
(Thou shalt not)
No, no
Cut it, cut it

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