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Tink - She Loves Him lyrics

She loves him [repeated]

This is probably the realest sh** that I ever wrote
This is, you know this is the realest I ever wrote
Yeah, these n***as out here
Can't f** with em
I'ma let yall know what I mean

I love that n***a but he did me wrong
I love that n***a but he led me on
I love that n***a but I can't be jealous
Since I found that evidence up in your phone
You dicking her down
When you dicking me too
Replied to a text like "I miss you too"
Talking bout the freaky sh** that yall gon' do
When just last night you was in my room
You so damn disrespectful
How you gon' do me like this?
I threw you bread when you was low
I paid for all your new fits
I outta spit on this b**h
I'm bout to start up some drama
I let you weep from my crib
Even introduced you to mama
And now you freaking my friend
I had like so many plans
Thought we was one day gon' get married
Honeymooned out in France
But now it's f** love
f** love
You f**ing her with no glove
Thought you was a real n***a
Fake sh** what you made of

She loves him [repeated]

These n***as out here
They don't give a f**
The way I feel about it
Why should we? You know what I'm saying
n***as tell you they love you one day
And the next day go f** your friends
But it's cool tho
It's f** em
Cause at the end of the day
All you got it yourself man
These n***as don't care
Keep it real tho
You see
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And now I'm looking dumb
Did all that record like "girl he the one"
Told my friends I couldn't wait for a son
When all the while you was having your fun
But it's cool
You ain't gotta worry bout sh** no more
My tears gon' dry up
Cause by the time you done with that b**h
And you hit my line
I'll have a new line up
And it's crazy
Invested all my time in something that wasn't even worth it
I gave you my all
Just cause I thought that you deserved it
Guess not
Second chance? No sir
f**ed over my heart
Now it's time for you to just go f** hers
And now he say I'm bitter
I got that from my next
But really it ain't my fault
I blame this sh** up on my ex
And now I'm holding baggage
Can't get rid of these bad habits
Them prep talks ain't useful
Cause now I miss him
And I'll be truthful
I just

She loves him [repeated]

I love that n***a
Love will make you do some crazy things
They say I'm
They say I'm stupid but I love that n***a
Love how you f**ed up one night
And ready to go back the next day
You feel me?
And that's love
So like
When I say this is the realest sh** that I ever wrote
I really meant that
This sh** was real
Yall probably say I'm crazy, you know
Cause I love that n***a but sh**
It's real, one hunnit
That's love
I ain't gon sugar coat it, no
I have to f**ing think

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