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Tink - XXL Freshman Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1]
Let's take it back to 2010
When I had just picked up the pen
People told me I was foolish
All I knew was I could do this
All I said was I'm gon' prove it
I'mma make the world believe
S'bigger than what I thought, man, I'm writing what people need
But I suffer with some rejection
Most n***as don't want to hear the truth unless it's coming from someone with a lighter complexion
But that's ok, I'll take the backroad
When people knock you down you don't give up, you just get back on
Cause ain't no time for cushion, I'm pushing until I get what's deserved
Putting pain in these verses so that my pockets won't hurt
Listen mama, I told you I'mma get us out the jam
Hate the city that we live in, got to get it
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I be thinking like
Ooh, if I ruled the world
I buy you like 23 Bentleys, I put some shoes on McKinley
I go to Africa to put a water well in each city
I'm thinking
Ooh, if I ruled the world
I'd build a school in Chicago, open it just for the brothers
Just to turn around and only hire people of color
We thinking
Ooh, if I ruled the world
I'd put the game in a coffin
Too many dicks in the office
Give the people some real T like it's a party in Boston
I be the Nas and the Lauryn, we out here worshiping foreigns
Too busy being influenced, forgot the reason we do it
Well, Ooh, I can't wait to change the world

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