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Tink - What is real love - 2844734 lyrics

Verse 1
Don't you hate it when you finally get a man and you think that he's the one?
He comes into your life f*ks it up and then it's done
You're really fed up but you're trying not to trip
Until he finds another girl and tags her name in every pic
All so you can see it and get jealous I hate them type of n***as
They look out for themselves never care about our feelings
I'm scared to fall in love I don't know what's that about
How can one you'll be in it then the next day you're just out?
Is Love supposed to hurt?
Supposed to ease the pain?
Does it last in the rain oh yeah
Will you love me when it's dark?
How can it be real if it's all torn apart?

What is real Love (Real Love)?
Love Love Love(2x)
What is real Love?

Verse 2
I wanna f*k with you but you be on some other
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Layed up with a B*h that used to f*k on all your brothers
These h*s ain't got no standards and I thought that you was smarter
She really took you back after everything we said huh?
I need a man on the low
Soon as I tell him no he's on the phone and out the door
Where ya go?
How can you be sorry if you don't know what you're sorry for?
(How can you be sorry if you don't know what you're sorry for)
Where ya at?
You'll never get it I'm stressing you like a marriage
Thought that he would stay but he left and I'm so embarra**ed
What more was there to do when you've given all that you can?
I only got one question


What is real Love?
Love Love Love
What is real Love(real Love)?
Love Love Love(can you tell me)?
What is real Love?
I wanna feel Loved
I don't know anymore (I wanna feel Love from you)

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