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Tink - Movin' Ba** lyrics

[Verse 1: Tink (JAY Z)]
I'm the plug n***a
I plug n***as from out of state
I know drug dealers who drug n***as in broad day
(Sellin' bud n***a, bud n***a, bud n***a
Sorry to inform you all I'm a drug dealer
I'm a...)
Hustler, get my percentages off the top
Suited like Mr. Carter, my n***as is holding rocks
That's a...
(Dope n***a)
I poke n***as like Pillsbury
Robin' them in they hood
Mask on me like Jim Carrey
Got a Spanish boy who don't speak no Ingles
Give him the product, he gone pack it like it's Greenbay
(n***a I'm a trapstar, trapstar, tr-trapstar hero
Disguised as a rapstar, uh, the flow [?]
Earth is not my home)
They find me like Bin Laden
ABC tellin' stories, the coverman steady plottin'
n***as say they hustle, they in Bugattis
If money ain't comin' quick, we stretch it like some palates
Go [Hook: Tink]
Always on that come-up, uh, still movin' ba**
(still movin' ba**, still movin' ba**)
Ever seen hustles you don't know about, still movin' ba**
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(still movin' ba**, still movin' ba**)
I'm a hustler, get my percentages off the top (I'm a hustler)
(I'm a hustler, get my percentages off the top)
Ima hustler, get my percentages off the top (I'm a hustler)
(I'm a hustler, get my percentages off the top) [Verse 2: Tink (Rick Ross)]
I enjoy the workin'
Drug lords and watch boys
Eat or be eaten every season they make a choice
Like Lebron James, n***as switchin for diamond rings
Get that
(Long money, short winded, let's go and get it
It's amazing)
Bang bang
Junkie at the door like Jehovah's Witness
(20 chickens watchin' and I still be movin' that ba**
Gave a job to the children you scared to raise)
But my chain swingin'
Now, my name ringin'
My n***as hate new faces so we all racist
(We movin' weight up at a different pace)
2 steps ahead so I lead 'em like I'm T.D. Jakes
(I'm hard to k** Dade County, Versace Hills)
I am the motto
From Dade County up to Chicago
(Only one man got the combination to the safe)
Only woman in the field movin' 'round the ba** [Hook]

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