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Tink - Curve 'Em lyrics

Feat : Junglep**y

Lookie, lookie, they looking at us
What they want, what they really want?
Who they tryna be? Tink G? Junglep**y?
I don't even know why you bother

Them b**hes in the back but them b**hes stay frontin'
It's nothing, let a b**h or n***a press my buttons
Stuntin', looking good cause a b**h supposed to
I go to all the poppin' places you don't know boo
Money, getting money like bees get honey
I'm dripping, them n***as horny, them n***as bore me
Poppin', poppin', but never been corny
b**h you know my name
Junglep**y she can't be tamed
Run around, stay away from lames, it's a shame how b**hes complain
Mad at me cause they life mundane, like to party and get lusty
Party and party til the party musty, cabaret home with a cutie, trust me
End of the night, still got my muthaf**ing money

(What they want?)
Stay the f** up out my lane ho
Curving these b**hes like a muthaf**ing rainbow
Riding through the same streets, you looking like the same ho
I'm poppin', poppin', poppin', poppin' up at every angle

[Verse 2: Tink]
See I been poppin since papi was popping bottles in public
Give your man them temptations as if his name David Ruffin
He like my style and my aura, I like his cash and his change
He give me head when I'm aching, that's like a heavy migraine
These b**hes lighter than feathers, I change it up like the weather
They say I'm sick with this rapping, so tell these rappers get better
I wish these n***as stop wishing, they want my line like they fishing
I bought these b**hes, they faking, it's like they all want auditions
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I probably count like thirty cameras when I'm in your city
It's monkey-see and monkey-do when Junglep**y with me
These hoes is followers and they don't need our Twitter names
And I can't roll no strike cause all these goofy b**hes in my lane
But I'm rolling the doobie and tryna get high so I never get tired
Curving these b**hes, my money so straight that I never do irons
I pull up and crash your party, call it a high hat
Cause b**h we making that noise from BK way down to the Chiraq

(What they want?)
Stay the f** up out my lane ho
Curving these b**hes like a muthaf**ing rainbow
Riding through the same streets, you looking like the same ho
I'm popping, popping, popping, popping up at every angle

Had b**hes p**y poppin' to my first single
Pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it, call it Pringles
Now why all the dudes I used to like wanna mingle?
They see your girl looking like a flamingo (What the f**?)
Oh, oh, sip the grigio slow on these hoes
Let these n***as rub my back, let these b**hes kiss my toes
I keep the haters in the cut along with frenemies and foes
Keep that swisher, cancel that dutch, pull that fronto out my clutch
Wa**up, wa**up?
Wanna kick it with me, wanna party with me, wanna Polly with me?
Tryna get in for free, just my b**hes and me we don't f** with nobody
I do me but they study like a hobby
Riding with my b**hes and you know I'm riding shotty
Where the papis at, platanos con salami, wear panties
So happy like Ashanti, looking like Naomi
Bad b**hes at my shows, you f** n***as owe me
See the top get lonely, I don't really give a f** muthaf**a come show me
God please protect me from my hoes and my so-called homies
And these whack b**hes wish they know me, any whack b**hes think they know me

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