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Tink - Burn (Freestyle) lyrics

I don't even wanna talk on this intro
We gon' let this work speak

[Verse 1]
Okay sicker than a nursing home
Put me on a d**h list
Always going in as if my name is on the guest list
Colder than your ex b**h
Hotter than your next b**h
Way over your head
I guess I'm something like a necklace
Something like tetris
Get the block shaking
My wallet Ruben Studdard
And you n***as Clay Aiken
These b**hes they be faking like implants and half smiles
I met this b**h head like a f**ing face towel
It gets messy when I step inside the booth
10 b**hes on my side and they waiting to get loose
Put the bible on the mic
Cause all I do is speak the truth
And if she wanna push my buttons
Pull her out just like a tooth
I'm viscous like some dread locks
I think these hoes got me twisted
Find yourself coming up short just like a midget
Run with me or get left
And it's too late for your decision
Now you up inside the hole
And I'm feeling like Blake Griffin
These n***as want some more
The rappers can't knock me
Like a house with no doors
My house is one floor
So I'm always on the top
And I run this rap game
Sponsor me with Nike socks
It's the home of the Soxs
And my team is up to bat
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You don't need no GPS
To know my city on the map
And it's still fingers up
To all of those who don't agree
She say I ain't got no manners
So I told her "b**h please"
I'm a monster
n***as can't fan me
Cause I be in the booth
Going hard for my family
I need that
Need that
Mama say we "need that"
No I do not stutter
But you know I'm bout to repeat that
I need that deal
I'm popping just like a pill
I'm going in for the k**
Then if you wanna be real
I got these hoes on lock
These n***as lie down too
So when she say she the best
Just ask that ho for some proof
That sh** is dead
Lyrically I'm k**ing these rappers
When they gon' stop comparing me to these actors
Rapping about a life that you really not about
You a sorry a** baby
Get this curly hand out
So she can shut up
I'm really starting to get fed up
But I refuse to just let up
And b**h that's straight up
Let that sh** burn

Who the f** you know gon' do it like that?
I ain't got nothin' else to say
You know who you is

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