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Thy Will Be Done - Subversion Of The Sleep lyrics

New world pyramid scheme in*
Place to distract
Senses seduced so you never will react
Threaten the sanctity of the illusion
Unlearn. Start altering the definitions
Force fed more fear so you
Relinquish control
Pa**ion we must return
Liberate the soul
In a system where acceptance s
Valued more than the truth
Flawed perception of tour progression
Through that which we consume
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Revealed through The Ancient Of Days
Resistance-Resistance is defined
Subversion-Subvert the paradigm
Awake Within A World
Asleep And Enslaved
Awakened On My Own
In Ancient Of Days
Sleeping. Dreaming. Bleeding. Awake
Eyes shut in a collective hallucination
Lulled by comfort and consumption
An entire empire of souls dreaming their lives
Mankind is not superior we're just
Legends in our own minds

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