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Thy Will Be Done - Subversion Of The Sleep lyrics

New world pyramid scheme in*
Place to distract
Senses seduced so you never will react
Threaten the sanctity of the illusion
Unlearn. Start altering the definitions
Force fed more fear so you
Relinquish control
Passion we must return
Liberate the soul
In a system where acceptance s
Valued more than the truth
Flawed perception of tour progression
Through that which we consume
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Revealed through The Ancient Of Days
Resistance-Resistance is defined
Subversion-Subvert the paradigm
Awake Within A World
Asleep And Enslaved
Awakened On My Own
In Ancient Of Days
Sleeping. Dreaming. Bleeding. Awake
Eyes shut in a collective hallucination
Lulled by comfort and consumption
An entire empire of souls dreaming their lives
Mankind is not superior we're just
Legends in our own minds

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