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Thursday - Stay True lyrics

Kid, you need some thicker skin
You don't take punches well
You're just like your old man
But you're young and scared
You're weak in your beliefs
And you've got so much to prove
And not a lot of time
Before they get to you

So please, Stay true

Yeah, you stick up for your friends
And you've got a lot of heart
You remind me of myself
Before I lost my nerve
I've been counting my mistakes
I can see all that we've lost
And I don't want to talk
About the old days

Disregard those clapping hands
They'll turn to punches when you're down
Disregard the critics' praise
They'll be the first to tell the news
That you've sold your soul
Disregard those dollar signs
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They'll buy the biggest house in hell
Where you'll live alone
Just keep your head down
Keep your friends close
Hold fast to your beliefs
And, whatever else you do
Stay true, stay true
Believe me, when I say
It's the hardest thing to do
Stay true, stay true
They'll k** you by inches
Don't let them make a move
Stay true, stay true
Look me in the eye
And promise me one thing:
Stay true, stay true
Nothing else matters
None of this is real
Stay true

Disregard the cynics' path
They'll buy a drink and laugh with you
While you trade defeats
Disregard your fear of d**h
We've all got a lot to lose
Whatever else you do
Stay true

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