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Thundrbird - Change lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm just trying to let people know, wanting to show up on the charts
f** them who say "no", for me there's no counterparts
Tellin' the guards to let me in, i'm just trying to make art
All i need is a couple min, is that to much to take apart?
Used to walk to school with my head down
Now i think i should wear a crown
But people just tear things to the ground
I don't hide in the dark always out unconfound
Gone too far looking at a picture with a thousand words
Don't want a life with dotted lines, need change and curves
Can't take more shot out lights and endless nights
Gotta make change even if it causes fights
Could use less darkness and a little more life
Not enough time to worry about the afterlife
Become the person I never thought to be
Actually be important i know you agree
Slave to your own emotions you disagree, sh** i'd help you if you'd let me

Everything's about to change, watch how i'm unchained
Why can't you see the pain?, why can't you explain?
It's all tough when you're alone but that's about change
Why can't you change

[Verse 2]
We've reached the end the future is our past
So fast forword till the world turns overcast
Gods' in the sky so don't look back its too late
You'd be turned to stone that's a terrible fate
You don't wanna be another walking joke
I don't wanna see you reveal the smoke
Dry my eyes tear drops are falling
Never wanted to stay no ones calling
Rose up out of darkness who do you trust
Were all living godless ashes to dust
A run away the time is up
Caught in a crypt still stuck
What do the voices in your head say
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Just pick the right path with a gangway
Some do win but most will lose
That's why i gotta change by muse
The system has to be fixed
But it won't too much evil mixed
No time for all these earth problems
Gotta leave and forget all the dramas
Gonna take a space ship to the moon
No need for oxygen i'm immune
It's always easy to stay in the dark
Walking around with a broken heart
The best days turn bad so quick
Life feels so good then you get hit


[Verse 3]
Rain, stormy weather it's gettin' dark
Driving too fast crying, lost the spark
Can't even see straight it's getting suspenseful
Foot feelin' heavy against the pedal
Whisky bottle almost empty, regretful
Lookin' at the text feelin' forgetful
Feels like it's all over, yeah there's a start
Thinkin' you loved with no insult
Swervin' real bad you're mad
Tunnel vision lost exult
Red and blue right behind you
In case you didn't get the cue
Sirens are blaring you go through a Interlude
You know you're screwed in this magnitude
Forgetting all the laughs, and the photographs
About to collapse, step on the gas
Chose the wrong the path, who knows the aftermath
Can't even see through the gla**
Living for nothing feeling like less than half
Too late to change never gonna see the right path
Drifting real fast (fast), splash (splash) 3 2 1 crash


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