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Threefoot - So Wrong, So Long lyrics

So tell me why you're here. Do you still hold me dear?
When you're the one that walked away from me but that's okay
Did you think all this through? I thought about it too
But I can't waste my life away on love that isn't true

Are you still holding on? When I did I was wrong
To think you'd ever take another chance of losing me
So now where do we stand? You say that I'm your man
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But you won't tell me everything, and I don't think you can

I never thought I was anything, but you showed me I'm wrong
For that I'll thank you always and always

Memories of yesterday, all the things I couldn't say
To make you understand how I feel now
And time is moving way too fast to sit and contemplate the past again
But I'll thank you always!

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