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Threefoot - Not About You lyrics

I know this is gonna hurt you. Don't ever think that I meant to
You see it's not my fault that we don't see the same
And all these different voices, another everyday
Will I be the one to stay, or will I walk away?

Feeling like I'm caught up in promises forgotten. Baby, it'll be okay
And all this indecision, a difference of opinion now
And you might be the one to walk away
Oh no, not me. I could never be the one to call you hun
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I will never hold your hand again
Oh no not me. Let me be the first to say we're through baby

Another dumb apology hat I never could make
Another night of loneliness, if only for your sake
Let me be the first to tell it to your face and let you know
Will you be there waiting, or will you let it go?

You never thought I had it in to be the only one to let you know
So let it go!

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