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Threefoot - Mr. Gla** lyrics

You say the things you want to talk about, then you come undone
Last time I didn't really mean to shout, but it was fun
Well I said it before and I think I'll say it again
Why do you say those stupid things if I can't win?

But you don't know what's going on inside my head
And you can't understand the pain

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Where do all the small kids go to realize that they're not really fake?
I wish I could go there too...
Is there something deep inside that I can't ever seem to forget?
And how do you cry when there's no pain? To me it wasn't just a game

It's over doesn't even seem to count and never would
Last time you said that you knew all about, but never could
Well never ever before and never ever again
I'll never say those stupid things that make you win

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