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Three Man Cannon - Something I Found lyrics

Rapid eyes trace pencil lines and you're living between you mind.
In abandoned houses when you're 8 years old, why won't you do what you've been told?
Lie face down in the cold dark ground.
Patience, there's no time for this.
All the rubber people bathing in your kitchen sink.
They'll all talk and they'll all love and we'll all go home and get our bellies rubbed.
But the amount you take, it's incredible.
Thank you, I want to be where you be.
But it takes too much from the rest of these.
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I'd rather be in the ground unheard with these walking nerves
I am bored but scared.
Take it all and label difference.
You look the same and wait in bed.
And you take me over and hold it down.
I make you want the cicadas now.
You tell a new one inside my notes.
You take your brain and you move to slow.
I label things with a golden plating.
But if it means the same I love the way you talk.

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