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Three Fish - All These Things lyrics

The sun is damning, please let go
Not with the memory, it'll drag you down below
Jump at his dancers, out on the ledge, can't feel the edges
Love dragged all her friends inside
Was a melody she lifted by the wall
Jogged through the memories traded for the hollow pillow
Innocent Christians no joy for love
No eyes were hoping until love without words
Like a river to the ocean, like a drop of rain, like a weeping willow
Tears falling from her wings
That's all these things
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Your eyes are smiling, your mouth is crying
Your eyes like poets, open up every cruel door
Jump at his dancers, for something that seems so twisted
Undone but this December
Now she can call it her own
I don't want to be a lover, don't want to need it before you
Not as a lover
She's lying in the dark
Just like a machine
She's lying in the dark
Now it's only trouble, tears falling from her wings

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