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ThouxanbandFauni - All Star lyrics

Go, go, go, let's go
I'm on, go, yo hoe is, on go
These n***a they know
Do this sh** but on my own
I let these n***as know
I'm on it!

He playin' with the cash then boogie out the hit
I might need proactive, cuz' acne all on my denim
Finessed your b**h tell her get out that denim
Her a** so fat she struggle just to fit em'
Look catch a body, catch a face tat
I dropped that heavy sh** that say they feelin' that
Said I quit and came right back
I said I quit dealin' then I came right back
n***a gotta' have them stacks
Addicted to the racks
Be a broke boy, no dope boy n***a f** that
Got a cell phone with no carrier
Went from heavy to motherf**in' heavier
n***as want war like Gettysburg
And she got an iPhone and boots with the fur
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Clothing brands can't save you lames, my swag is so superb
Xannies from the A, I copped Tennesse sizzurp
f** you mix and master missed ya then you flipped the steer
Got foreign UK hoes t**n' all up in Europe
b**h show some f**in' respect your man crush Monday's, neck, aye that's me
Menthol diamonds, I copped a mermaid with a fishnet
Yo hoe say I'm the best, they say that I'm next
I'm just her side n***a, that's ok I'm cool with that
Yo boyfriend, all that drama sh** I let that f** n***a handle that
While I'm hittin' you from that back, he text you sh** she don't hit you back
Aye I'm flexin' artifacts, but no flexin' these facts
This necklace is equipped with menthol diamonds, they attached
That cave bachelor pad, yeah b**h its pitch black
f** a throwback Thursday, I just tell that b**h to throw it back
Thirty round on me yeah that extendo strap
Cougar b**h and she gon' let me use her new Jag
Taajwar geeked as f** in that Nascar
You ain't no shooter you an actor, you need an oscar
They hate me cuz' I'm ballin' like I'm an all-star
All-star yeah we ballin like the all-star's

I like how your lazy with your words
Maybe that's just because your high, I don't know

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