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This Way To The Egress - Saint lyrics

Why hello there little girl
I have an eye for your red curls
I'd like to see you,
wait upstairs up in my suite

Let's have you strip your gown off
while we stumble all around
in such a drunken mess,
we never want to stop

And I see that you're so pretty
but I've got to leave the city
and I know I'll never see your face again

But I must confess I'll steal your dress
and sniff it as I'm going west
and I'll never sleep again

As I make my way through cities
that are innocent yet pretty,
I go to and through with my obscurities,

And I laugh with local children
as I give them toys I made for them
with smiles on their face they watch me leave

But I tell you now I'm sick of it
I'm coming through the thick of it
I wonder if there's more to this free lance
And I never knew that through the years
I'd isolate and shout through tears
And with madness I dance

As I wander down dark alleys
And I hear the hobos asking me
Oh my good sir, could you please spare cents?

I curse their mess,
I kick them down
How merciless I victimize
Their silly dumb expressions off their face

I laugh with glee as I turn round
And leave them all tied up and bound
Dismiss them for the rats to feast upon.
And I heard their cries as I run off
But caring not I simply scoff
And I must leave this town

So tell me am I going mad for you.
I want you to be there when I am through.
‘Cause everyday I look away
I crumble down through my dismay
Pathetic little sick display of curses
Tell me do you have a doll of me you're sticking with pins

Ooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh, ….

So now it's time to leave behind
The days oh how I was so kind
To all the people that I ever met
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How I refused to humor them
With stories of my life back when
I never saw a single day of angst

So I left my soul back in the last town
Cannot wait to tear these walls
Now I will never go back to that life.
‘Cause I'd rather cause you slime and rot
And watch you choke as you get caught
And fall on my knife

So here you stupid child
You can throw away that smile
Down the river where you sometimes went to play.
And if you only knew that up the same old tree you used to swing
Your sister hangs so tightly from her noose

And the laughter I am after,,
I cannot hear with this chatter
So I must have you expire from this world.

So I'll strangle life right from your lips,
It seems the only thing I'll miss
Is your gasping for air

Running down the streets
I only stop to ravage women
In dark corners of the alley ways at night
I strip them and I cut them
and I force them down upon their knees
My eyes go back to see my evil mind.

I know now I'm addicted to this life I know it's wicked
Little spree of mine will last.
Cause no matter what I'll find you somewhere
Even in your darkest nightmare
I won't miss the chance

Oh I can't believe what I've done
and seems I murdered everyone that I see
And if I continue all of this
It'll prove to be so scandalous me

Guaranteed, Guaranteed.

Oh I'll never see, I'll never breathe
I'll never come to faith on this.
I can't stay here and say I wanna change
Cause every life I take I feel
Their precious little faces break
I need to see their blood upon my hands

And I fear and loathe this state of mind
But I get higher every time
I cause these worthless kids of mine
to scream

So open wide and let me shut
I'll stick it deep unless you shout
It's time to die, let's hear you cry
So I can sleep at night.

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