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This Way To The Egress - Flirtin' With Death lyrics

The cold stream lights on the blvd. Seem to bend away from me.
But the cat calls of the dogs outside, throw their glimpses to my knees.
I wake up on the street and I see he's grinning at me.
Oh what a life what a life what a life I'm livin in heat.

Be careful who ya talk to babe when you're lonely on the street
Cuz the drip drop flies and the sewer rats come together for their meet.
Ya drop your rose to avoid the train as it comes close to your feet.
But it starts to rain so you stop the train and ya jump in with one beat-yeah yeah.

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I wanna be I wanna see I wanted three of everything,
that caught my eye when we got high and we were drinkin down the wine.
I know this feelings gonna break so lets just leave before it takes.
Can't stay long with bullet eyes shootin down between my thighs.

I race around I can't sit still I'm knockin down walls, lookin for thrills,
Takin big risks I'm givin a kiss to all the boys don't wanna miss this,
I'm steppin on toes, stealin your man, striking a pose I'm throwing beer cans,
Flirting with death I'm creepin up fine, lashin out good I'm takin my time,
I'm freakin you out but what can I say,
Tellin you now I'm takin this all away.

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