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This Way To The Egress - Pocket Change lyrics

Walkin down the st in new orleans
Got a pocket full of change with a drunken streak
That barrel house and the broken banks a shame

Bug eyed betty gonna turn it loose
He's a cake eater man gonna cook that goose
Pocket change gonna brighten up our day

Scattered around corner on the block
Throw em a clam, without no stop
Don't take no wooden nickels just the same

Banjo misses got you for a deuce
She's a gold digger man, to hip to jive
Get hot get hot pocket change will change the world

Pocket change getting rid of your jack
Pocket change go on and give em your scratch
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Pocket change my my is that a sawbuck dear yeah

Quarter nickels dimes pennies never a sting
Shower it down baby do that thing
Pocket change gonna make this world go round

Gotta bums rush by the flat foots
Turned over all our dead soldiers don't know from nothing
That drug store cowboy aint got no shame left

Lets get outta here baby this towns dried up
Go up to tin pan alley why you gotta cowple of years
Get canned, corked, tanked, primed, scorched, jazzed, fried to the hat

Pocket change digging down for that dough
Pocket change go on and throw em a note
Pocket change come on I know you's a tycoon
Pounds shekels nickels dimes never a sting, shower it down baby everything
Pocket change gonna make this world go round!!!

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