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This Way To The Egress - Mr. Green lyrics

There's a man who I could never see his face
and this man always covers up his teeth
for the fear, oh, they may be falling out
with his senile dreams of snakes he can't let go broken bones yes his nose to compliment his face it's a shame not to sprain on either of his
Currently he's sitting by the fire in his chair 23 years young but you'd never know from that stare.
I know that you can't ever see the way I know this man.
I think I'll run away from all the secrets that he carries in his hat.
A bottle to his mouth of rum will pretty much fix that.
His experience with a schizophrenic friend
though he never knew his name he called him Harry Skeleton.
They're coming and they're going always fleeing from the scene the picture perfect image in imagining a scene.
Go to hell he snarls at you from the mirror in the wall but he's looking through you out into the hallways of his madness and the
Casa Blanca scenes.
What's he to be running from? The parties and the freaks.
Wash your mouth out. Do your curtsy or you'll bow down.
Can't you ever see my days? I know you want to be there Mr Green
and I'll see.

Screwing out the light bulbs toking on his pipe and smoke billows around his head of paranoia
deluded thoughts but you could never ever wonder where he got this from.
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Off his pills he talks so far away.
He'll light a match. You'll see it from a mile.
He knows that you are there.
He'll tell you from his stare.
He'll walk right up to you and scream out hey sir.
We've met and I judge you not so far from here.
Yes sir and you gave your word that you'd be here every day to speak with me.
I see you Mr Green.
You are me. Can't you see?

And I see you Mr Green.
You are me.
Can't you see?

And I see you
Mr Green.
You are me.
Can't you see?

*** Thanks Aura Aeternus

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