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This Way To The Egress - What Do Ya Want lyrics

I feel everybody's watching me
Say it as I drop to my knees
But remember the show that I put on for you yesterday
And I tell you I never wanna regress
To leave it discreetly at be
A f**in' mess
The way you want me to fail is so unnerving

I sit around here and I wonder
Where you gonna go to take a summer
If I ask will you deny you're lying
If ya wanna be the one to know
While you're slurping down your whiskey and you change it to go
I can't begin to explain
No one remembers your name

I wanna be the one to see you succeed in your life
But I know that you can't ever grow if
I continue to a day when you were every part of my life
But I know that you can't ever see that
I could never be the answer to the problems in your systematic nights
Or uprights
Or the heat on the street

I sit around here and I think back
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About the way I wanna spend your money at the racing track
But I can give you a clue and it's of use to you
You're dying
Sit right here and face the fact
You never had to go through anything but I can live with that
I see you explaining your mind
You haven't got any time for trying

Tell me everything is alright
'Cause every time you tell me take me out for the night
And everybody's loving me on the sight
'Cause they can see I've got nothing to hide
And then when everybody's taking their turns
To understand the lessons that've gotta be learned
What's the difference when the hours get burned
To tell the truth inside them until their turn

So whatcha got goin'
Are you crude enough today
You say you're not using, as you turn the other way
And I see you, you see me
What do ya want? What do ya want?
I got everything 'cause it's what you got behind your back
Know this makes no sense that you are continuing on the track
I see you, you see me
What do ya want? What do ya want?

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