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Feat : Denzel Curry & Lofty305 & XXXTENTACION

[Verse 1: LOFTY 305]
This that Zu shit
Soowoo maroon shit
Niggas talkin' all that shit but they ain't really doin' it
Niggas say that he a goon
He ain't tryn'a prove it
CSPG be the movement, free Ruben

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
This that mothafuckin' Zu shit
But this that new shit
I never gave a fuck like I'm a prude bitch,
Just know I do's this
Don't feel drier than a broom
Bitch end up with a pool stick
My bullets they un-acoustic
Free Nell and free Slikk

[Verse 3: LOFTY 305]
Get smoked, put that on my broom stick
Cultivating all the racks off these fuckin' 'shrooms, bitch
Metro Zu we go to ATL
You know we boomin'
Put yo' bitch right on a track
Ronny J produced it

[Verse 4: Denzel Curry]
Cause bitch
I'm a Raider Klan killa
ULT nigga
Smoke on the purp'
Extort the dealer

[Verse 5: Xxxtentacion]
You a fuck nigga
I can't fuck witcha
Wig split, peel 'em
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Pussy nigga killa
Face, I'ma stomp body dumped
In my trunk, bitch
Glock by my dick
If you tweak, I'ma stick—aye
Fuck do you mean
Aim that beam at yo spleen
If you Purrp, I'll put your face in the dirt
Like pussy, you get creamed

Princess Peach jewelry'ed my bitch
Red, white, black Pokéball might beep
Beep boop beep
Go gadget my wrist
Bling bling blow Johnny Dang my fist
Wet that pussy out just like I drop and then I dick
I done beat that pussy to the blue, she not a crip
Diamonds on me red and they white, no zit
Master Roshi wit' it, I done pull up with a stick
Chopper pull rounds and I'm cheesin'
Blood on the leaves like I'm Yeezus
I eat your soul for no reason
The way that she suck me is treason
Cook, cook, cook
Your grandma wanna poke me on Facebook
I want that booty, no Captain Hook
Replay it(x2)
Let me hear it(x2)

*** Thanks Rave for the lyrics

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