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Theresa McCarthy - Why Not? / Surrender lyrics

They're both very dramatic
It's in their blood, I guess

Dick and I met doing community theater
He fell for me hard,
I didn't fall for him
I liked him, though
He called me “Buddy”
He was persistent
Even when I was dating other boys
Dick would drive me into town
And wait until my date was over
Then drive me home
What kind of man does that?

When did thee realize that thee loved him?

I don't know
One day or one night
Walking on the beach
Or maybe riding in his car
Singing old songs
I don't know
I told myself, “Why not?”
He wants more, so do you
Men who want a better life
Will work to get that life
Those men are rare and few
Why not take the plunge?
His intentions seemed true blue
He believed in loving me
What kind of man does that?
I said, “Why not believe I love him, too?”

But sometimes wanting more
Turns to wanting too much
You work so hard for more
That you fall out of touch
With the reasons to work
And to toil and to slave
‘Til the world that you built
Starts to crumble and cave
‘Til you find all too late
That you've dug your own grave
In pursuit of being beloved
He so wants to be beloved
And he'll never be beloved

I believe in loving him
Despite the man he is
Despite the things he does
No matter if he fails
It is and always was
Why not
Why not
Why not

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Truth will not lose ground by being tried

Thee let Richard stray

Dick has a dark side
He's always had a dark side

Thee failed in thy marriage with thine husband
And by thine choices, thee failed

Go away, Hannah

Please, Mother
Please, go away

Thee married a man
Thee know thee can never change
Thee married a man
Thee know thee can never save
Surrender, admit thee have failed
Surrender, thine coffin is nailed closed shut
Thee think thee can help him,
But they are too weak; too soft and too weak
Thee married a man thee know thee do not love
Thee cannot change what he is
Admit that thee do not know how
Surrender thine hope for happiness
Surrender, surrender thine hope
Surrender, do it now
Surrender, attrition

I told you not to bother him

Daddy snapped at me

You deserved it

On my wedding day?


Daddy won't help,
Uncle B.B. won't help
Hey, it's almost 4 o'clock
I'm supposed to get married at 4 o'clock

Don't fight it, give up


Give up




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