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Theresa McCarthy - Lucky lyrics

[NELLIE, spoken]
Oh Miss Jane, ain't no use of worryin'!
Floyd's got the luck; it circles 'round him
He told me so! He maybe told you one bad dream, but he done tol' me hundreds of good'uns
He says to me, "It's gonna turn out just like a fairytale Nell."
He holds me right in his arms and says to me:

Lucky's what I am
Ain't no s**lin' baby lamb
Sure as hell don't give a damn
For what they think 'bout me

Lucky, in his way
Buzzin' in my gut today
Like a choir of crickets singin'
We're gonna sell some tickets, singin':

How's about a radio?
How's about a new car, y'know?
How's about a valley farm?
How's about a boy on my arm?
Gonna git a little respect
Gonna hold our heads up erect
Gonna show 'em what we got;
Show 'em what we will take
And will not now
And what we got now
Is a lot now

No, no, don't you fret;
I ain't told you nothing yet
We gonna sing a cave duet
Inside a magic dome

'Cause being near to him
I know I'm truly lucky
Now that I've come home

[MISS JANE, spoken]
But when dreams talk, Nellie, you best heed' em. You listenin' to me? You learn to doubt things. You don't fool with dreams like that

[NELLIE, sung]
Doubtin' never did us any good
Why'd you wanna fill us up with doubt?
Doubtin' never did us, no, not one lick of good;
Why don't you just help us out
Like you should?

Oh, let us dream some

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Go an' dream

Let us scheme a caving scheme
If what he says is there, is there
And God is good
And fair is fair

We're sittin' on a pile of dough
Higher than a grain silo!

Think of all the lofty ways
Think of all the lazy days...

We could take a trip somewhere...

Anywhere at all, I don't care

Git me in a Model A
I could roll the whole day away, now

You don't say now!

Let's pray now:

Good news 'round the bend;
Trouble days is gonna end

Even broken hopes'll mend
'Cause things ain't what they seem [MISS JANE]
So lonesome Nellie girl
My little pearl
My dreamer:
Dream [NELLIE]
Ooo, how I love to dream... [MISS JANE & NELLIE]
'Cause you've (I've) come home
And I feel lucky!

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