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Theodore Grams - Easy lyrics

My Mom said-
My Mom said, "You sure you want to be in the music business?"
I said, "I AM the music business, Ma!"

[Bridge x2]
I am a dog, no La**ie
Please watch how you come at me
I got a queen, she a baddie
We can go half on a Ca**ie
I want me one like Anyee
She steady hustle 'cause grind pays
Shoutout to C.R.I.M.E. Children, aww man!
We all in, we all in!

[Verse 1]
I'm a real n***a with a long dick
Let me hit it good and make the song skip
9-milli with the long clip
Let me hit it good and make the song skip
They'll probably land on my P.O.S
Hoax Pain, he don't feel pain
Young Triz was k**ing Lancaster
Made King Street feel real flames
I prayed, I got no answer
The Devil, he stay busy
My granny died of cancer, my n***as gettin' busy
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I keep my hammer handy, I waive it like a banner
My wave is like a Banshee
It's wild, it's loud, it's zoomin'

I prayed, I got no answer
But was I really listening?
The ba** was steady kicking
Dirty dishes in the kitchen
I say slide and do damage
My pull-up is the darkest
So high, don't plan on landing
Come and finish what you started, n***a!

I sold my dark blue diamonds
Bought my integrity back
Premature thoughts
I don't think you ready for that!
I make a small decision
Shift the history of the city
My soul worth so much
These n***as plotting to come and get me

n***as ain't f**ing with me!
I know that much!

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