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Them Bird Things - I Know Who k**ed Robert Johnson lyrics

It was near Three Forks
In the back of a store
Now sit your a** down
If you wanna hear more
I can't forget the future
But I will predict the past
That son of a b**h
I knew him for black trash
I know who k**ed
I know who k**ed
I know who k**ed
Robert Johnson
Nobody batted an eye
On a Friday night
When life is cheap
The same old story
I never told no judge or jury
That I know who k**ed
I know who k**ed
I know who k**ed
Robert Johnson
Nobody lifted a hand
Messin' with that high yellow woman
Made her think the moon was blue
I said, Bob
I'd watch it if I were you
At quarter past nine
As I offered him strychnine
[Lyrics from: https:/**ed-robert-johnson.html]
Didn't take Sonny's advice
Slapped his hand away not once, but twice
You see I k**ed
You see I k**ed
Oh, yes I k**ed
Robert Johnson
Nobody shed a tear
They had to mop his puke
Off the floor of the juke
Where he mewled and drooled the hog
Took three full days to
And I'm not sorry
And I'm not sorry
Oh, I ain't sorry that I k**ed
Robert Johnson
The sheriff stopped by the other day
And said, "Oh, by the way
You know a colored boy who used to play
Here every other Saturday?"
I told him I knew the guy
And that ain't no lie
What I didn't say
What I didn't say was it was I
It was I who k**ed
You know I k**ed
Damn right I k**ed
Robert Johnson
And I'd do it again

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