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Them Bird Things - Caril Ann lyrics

I k**ed a mockingbird
Thought it's a sin
And I shot a bullfrog
Again and again and again and...

Mama whipped me
Left lesions on my back
Right there and then
I swore I'd get my own back
I would get them back
One by one

A teenage tantrum
A terrific mistake
Eleven stolen lives
Marking our wake

Storm cellar rage
The picture still remains
Blue-eyed broken boy
Corn-fed and dead

I don't know
Why I done did what I did
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I was just a kid
Just a kid

"and it seems as though I could see
My heart before my eyes, turning dark
Black with Hate of Rages, or harhequinade
Stripped from that munner life
Leaving only naked being-Hate."

Most mornings I wish
When they pulled that leather strap
I'd been right there
Sitting on his lap

Never a bride
Still Charlie's little b**h
The years, they have pa**ed
And the only hitch is who to be
Caril Ann, what you've done to me?

I don't know
Why I done did what I did
I was just a kid
Just a kid

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