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Them Bird Things - Hurry Down Sunshine lyrics

Hurry down sunshine...
I told him yesterday
Now there's nothing more to say
Hurry down sunshine...
A porter takes the suitcase
I dab at my eyes and face
And we sit in the waiting room
Neither too soon nor too late
They close the gate

Hurry down sunshine...
You know it's gonna rain
Can't believe I put my
Baby on that plane
Hurry down sunshine...
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Navigation lights
Vanish from sight
As that jet flies at first light
My boy is on his way to Baltimore
('Fraid I'll see him nevermore)

Hurry down sunshine...
Didn't have the option
Had to give him up for adoption
Hurry down sunshine...
When the day breaks
It breaks
Like a heart in arrest
When the sun sinks
It sinks like a ship in the west

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