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Them Bird Things - Brer Rabbit & the Tar Baby lyrics

It's the story of a cottontail
And a ploy that came to fail
That ol' jump rabbit
Cutting capers his habit

Brother fox was laying low
Sly ol' fellow
Hated him dagnabit
Wanted to k** that rabbit

I'd fancy a hare
I want that hare
I need that hare
I yearn for a hare
I demand that hare

I wanna tie his hands and feet
Drown him all full deep
Maybe I'll shoot him
Squash him
Smush him
Cook him

He took the time and thought on it
Plotted and schemed on it
He deliberated on it
Contemplated on it
Contembilerated on it

Fried rabbit
Barbeque rabbit
Rabbit frica**ee

Oh, you wascally wabbit, you

I'm gonna make me a tar baby
From rags, whatnots and maybe
Use some sealing wax
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I forget the facts

Now that ol' sly fox
Put the baby in a box
‘til he found a patch o' clover
The jump rabbit would pick over

The birds were a-twitter
Along came the critter
What do we have here
Said the hare
Hey, you there

Tar baby just smiled and grinned
A toothless childish grin
Not a word was said
Come on, chum
Are you dumb

Ol' rabbit he was riled
And got a little wild
He slaps that guy
His paw got stuck
In the gooey guck

Leave me be
I demand you unhand me
Tar baby grinned
That toothless grin
Ol' hare he
Hits him again!

Both paws stuck fast
When at last
Ol' fox stepped outta the bushes
And the brer hare gulps and blushes

I don't wanna give the children a fright
You best come back tomorrow night
If you wanna know what happens

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