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Thelonious Martin - BKLYN lyrics

[Produced by Thelonious Martin]

Just another day in the life (Hodgy Beats)
Gotta lot-ta gotta lot-ta weed to smoke
Gotta lot-ta gotta lot-ta weed to smoke
Gotta lot-ta gotta lot-ta weed to smoke

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
It's crazy when you have a vision isn't it?
Chef Boyar n***a
Back up in the kitchen with it
Like what a witted fitted
Oh why you actin' timid
These are with lots of lemon or a regal box of tinted
I hold the grahams I'm not talkin' bout the cracker
Ask my grams when you smoke one it'll relax ya
Mary Jane a muscle relaxer
Had enough of these bastards
Blow a half worth like man my calf hurt
You smokin' bad dirt
Where all that stress come from?
Son you look mad worse
Weed will get it off your shoulders
Pin and pad works
Wearin' a f**ed up move
Like a plaid skirt
I got this kid up is gave cash a cash shirt
Before I left asked her about the organic OG mask dirt
She was so high my question slipped right pa**ed her
The moral of my story is these good greens
I smoke myself to sleep and have a good dream (dream, dream)
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[Hook: Hodgy Beats]
Gotta lot-ta gotta lot-ta weed to smoke
Gotta lot-ta gotta lot-ta
Yeah, oh oh oh
Gotta lot-ta, weed to smoke (to smoke, smoke, smoke, Wolf Gang, smoke)
Smoke, ha ha

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
I got them grams
I got that hash
I got the keef
It's all up in my bowl
I'm ready to roll (weed) up
And then we gonna' smoke
n***a we chillin'
n***a we chillin'
We ain't trippin' on ya'll b**h a** n***as
f** ya'll n***as
s** my dick up
Wolf Gang b**h
Where the f** my weed at?
Hodgy Beats
Thelonious Martin collaboration
I don't really f** with many producers and sh**
Because ya'll mother f**ers just want a tight mother f**er to get on ya'll mother f**in' track
And you know
You just want it to be hot
But this mother f**er works hard right here feel me
Wolf Gang

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