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The Weeknd - Untitled 2015 (Gone) lyrics

I'm gone...
I'm gone...
I'm gone...
I'm gone...

[Verse 1]
We don't need your love, no more
Said I'm gone, yeah I'm gone
You don't need to talk, no more
Cause these kids already know
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Now these kids already know
Said I'm gone, I'm gone
We don't need your love
I was broken, I was broken, I was so broke
I used to walk around the town when I was homeless
Me and Lamar would rob a nigga for his Jordans
And flip it just to get these hoes up out those outfits
Now we get faded while we walking with a joystick
They don't wanna -
[Verse 2]
Used to roam on queen now I sing queen street anthems
Used to hate attention now I pull up in that wagon

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