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The Weeknd - Thinking About lyrics

Yeah, uhh
Do you think about me when your laying in your bed?
Do you think about me when thoughts are flying round your head?
Tell me, do you think about me when you're on ya phone
To him on those lonely nights, oh so alone?
Do you miss all the times that we shared?
You probably don't, it never seemed like you really cared
Maybe you did but we were just too scared
Or maybe we rushed and we were just unprepared?
I know I went and dissed you but I'm really starting to miss you
But you can't really blame me for what I said
When you acted like a bitch, I would call you a bitch
And at times I wish I had myself an off-on switch
I know we argued a lot and we didn't get along
But when we made up, there was nothing we could do wrong
And I don't just mean that in a sexual way
We could sit back, relax and chill all day
But sometimes I actually wonder how I put up with this shit
I gave so much up for ya, I was ready to commit
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You was like a drug to me, I just wanted another hit
But no drug is good for ya, I just wanna be legit
Clean and free, yeah away from this curse
Shit, how did my life go from better to worse?
When I was with you I was flying oh so high
And now you're gone I'm on a crash course flight to die
I know I sound down and really depressive
But shits getting worse, it's only progressive
And it's all because of you, now ain't that impressive?
A hot ass model chick now look who's obsessive
My heart is a prisoner of the past
You left a scar on my heart, this shit's gonna last
With or without you I'm just gonna malfunction
If there's an exit route, I'll gladly take the next junction
Dysfunction in my mind ever since you left
My mind you've stolen it's a basic crime of theft
And now I'm falling deeper by trying not to love you
But if I didn't say what's on my mind then, well…
How would I stay true?

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