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The Weeknd - The Vanishing lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hidden wolf, I stride through life as a shade
Like Kyle Keyes I wanna be unforgotten
But death would be the price I have to pay
And even after that I might still be forgotten
Breezy Illmatic mirage, figment of your imagination
Things are not what it seems, cruel deception
Reality don't mean nothing I don't get no attention
Treated just as an illusion
Uh, there is more than meets the eye
Too bad everyone's views are covered by lies
If I die, I wonder if anyone would visit my grave
I feel so invisible, the sky looks so gray
Rest in peace to the person that you didn't even know
And your carelessness in your voice certainly shows
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Black bird I soar through the night sky
Reaching high for my dreams, but no one else can see me
Forget my name, face, race, I'm marked as history
I'll just be remembered as that kid in your memories
Oblivion descends, I'm either a ghost or a freak
Guess this what I deserve if I was born meek
Piercing and tattoos, heavy makeup in all black
Tryna capture someone's attention with a rap
I lack so much love and support
In my mind all your snide comments I retort

Everyone's always ignoring me
I feel so faded
So caught up in my fantasies
I feel so faded

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