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The Weeknd - Rollin Rollin (remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Felly]
Rollin Rollin
These streets are frozen
On that black ice while rap tight
Drive it like you stole it
With my two cents I'll invest
Wait a few years to be impressed
Well this nothin yet
I'm still young, I'm still workin' on my kingdom
With that bullshit that you pumpin' son
See through that transparent
Take what I want you keep staring
Back to my lab start preparing that quality
I move around while they follow me
Split the green dichotomy
Better get the fuck off my property
Cause I'm probably
Too damn dope for them name brands
We spit, we don't shake hands
Get crack chicks and Ray-Bans
To rap my lines verbatim
Ya, mommy got me hotter than Wasabi shawty
Ask me if I'm blowin' up, I told her baby probably
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Don't wanna stumble from the B.P.T. until trouble
Hit the field and then I cause Trouble
Made a profit then I made double
Still my raincoat like four bucks
Bout to have my boys on the tour bus
Smokin' more blunts, feelin' gorgeous
Cause there's a lot of you but there's more of us

[Verse 2: Kulture]
Rollin Rollin
Smokin' potent, steady blowin'
Out the window I'm just hopin' no one noticed, feel me!Coastin' by the ocean sets go with the back doors open
But in wind when its freezin' stay bent like scoliosis
Feelin' like Al Capone and I feelin' like Corleone and
Feelin' I got this feelin' a feelin' nobody knows it
So I perfect my flows
I try to get it out
I let you envision the mission
To show you what this shit about
Want the chain swang, I want the fame main
All black range, if I can't then it's bang bang
You want the same thing, That's why you hatin'
Well step aside and take a permanent vacation punk

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