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The Weeknd - "Live For" Freestyle lyrics

Sample from "Paid in Full"
"A nigga like me, man
L love the hustle, man
L be feelin' like one of them ball-playin' niggas, you know..
A nigga could leave the league
But if l leave
The fans still gonna love me, man?
As long as niggas
Is feeling it
A nigga like me can hustle it
That's my gift in life, A
You know?"

[Verse; Lyrics]

If that's the shit that y'all live for
I'd hate to see what ya'd die for
I'd hate to see who y'all ride with
I hope to see y'all don't downfall
How long y'all think; it gone take for me to pop
Cause I been on my way for a minute, can't let the meter stop
Never been the type to dream a lot
I swear all through my life I seen a lot
Just waiting on my shot; pass me the rock
And I'm a hustle like I believe in rock, dawg
I'm just rolling up every L cause I'm sure my niggas got plenty more
Chasing all of this chicken trying to be set before I hit 24
That XO in my system like we just letting this Henny pour
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I'm a just do my time and not talk about it like Remy Ma
I might come through and play the cut, but you know that's me
Every time I spit, I hold it down cause I want the ring
Balling like LeBron or maybe Kobe, but you know my team
Something the best, fuck the rest if it ain't 90
That's the shit that I live for
That's that shit you can't die for
That's that shit you gotta live through
And most of y'all would've died off
My flow buckin' like sawed off
The way I'm letting these bars off
My words start to seem contour
Fans tell me that want more
Well tell them niggas I'm back boy
Fuckboys fall back or my niggas clapping like backboard
Y'all rap niggas better act right, y'all be aight for some actors
But if this shit about rap dawg; I got the realest shit you can ask for...
Just ask dawg

Sample cont
"[ Laughing ]

What you laughing at, B.?

You, man
You're funny, man. You're a hustling motherfucker, man. For real, baby
You're fuckin' killin' me, man

Come on.You know me, baby."

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