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The Walkabouts - Wild Sky Revelry lyrics

Big wheels whine
As they're comin' down the rise
You're in the Barrister's bed
Along the highway side

Well, I could scare you to d**h
If I knocked upon the door
Well, I could scare you to d**h
If I tried to love you more

Now that I know what you want from me
I can deliver in spades
Wide-eyed memory
Wild sky revelry

To get this lost
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Ain't an easy thing to do
On Horse Heaven Hill
The last time I tendered you

Those vermillion skies
Made us bigger than ourselves
And the biggest lies
Were the ones we died to tell

I'll be your day of rest
Put on your Sunday best
I am your day of rest
Gets blistering under this wild sky

Came to deliver
Came to deliver
Wild sky revelry

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