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The Walkabouts - Thin Of The Air lyrics

I could see you weren't from here
You didn't run the same way back
I could never forget you
The simple physics of your laugh

"No one really knows this place
What we say feels vaporous"
Sounding like the ring of truth
Every time you tell me this

If I can't think for one of us
Shouldn't think for two of us
Surely don't know what is right
But it don't seem
Worth the fuss

Told you every thing I saw
It was ravaged, it was burned
Told you everything I saw
And now sugar, it's your turn

You better bet
That I've memorized
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Every stitch of the road
Driving fast
Through the rusted trees
I lift my hands and let go
You say your heart has been vandalized
But I guess fair is fair
For our crimes we will be condemned
Into the thin of the air

We can split the difference
We can split the hairs of it
But in the end
We must admit
We've been too deliberate

I tell you that I'm wide awake
Sayin' "yes" to great unknowns
I tell you that I'm wide awake
And now sugar it's your turn

Take me down so
I don't fail you
Take me down so
I don't fail

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