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The Walkabouts - They Are Not Like Us lyrics

Fear is weightless
Anger weighs a ton
Throw money at it
And they swear they're done

Then they drive out here
To investigate some crime
But the trails gone cold
So that buys us time

They are not like us
'Cause they can't stare it down
And they don't drink like us
'Cause they don't make a sound

We will not go silent
Silent to our end
We will not go silent

They need a "them"
So they'll have an "us"
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Planned it that way
It's just our luck

We walk an edge
That won't fold back
But it tastes like courage
Something that they lack

I'll race them to oblivion
When I count to three
I'll race them to oblivion
They'll get there before me
Race them to oblivion

Come when it will
Come when it may
The desert teaches ‘cause it takes away

We are bird
And we are snake
Bones of laughter
Thorns of hate

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