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The Walkabouts - Soul Thief lyrics

The burden I carry
Is the story I tell
Those in purgatory
Singin' fondly of hell

This ain't no fluke
It's no sleight of hand
You're a real piece of work
I hear you comin' again

Keep your friends close
Keep your enemies closer
My hand on your throat
I can't make it any looser

Well I went AWOL
I went askew
The best years of my life spent
A-runnin' from you

You old soul thief
You will not capture me

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Got me in your sights
You play cat and mouse
I'm the Last of the Mohicans
I'm the last holdout

The wind is a siren
A ghost on my back
I got nowhere to run
Don't have to tell you that

Down from the mountain
Down with a shudder
Down like a torrent
Down like no other

Someday I'll find
The sleep that I've sought
Deep in the canyons
When the wars have been lost

If I lose
Then let me loose
And if win
I'll roll them dice again

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