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The Walkabouts - No Rhyme, No Reason lyrics

Heat lightning crashin' on the mesa
Paints a crooked line
Already told this story
But you didn't listen the first time

And though I'll tell it all again
I know you'll stop me
Before the end

The Burnpile grows
From the kindling
Of our souls

You could never fathom
That this emptiness won't let you be
It's wrapped tight around you
Like the branches of a mesquite tree

In this country of the dead
Brazen hunger still gets fed

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Nowhere, no more, no nothin'
No way, no how, nobody
No chance, no fool worth his salt
Nowhere, no more, no nothin'

No how, no rhyme, no reason
No good can rise out of it
Nowhere, no more, no nothin'
No good can rise out of it

Came across the Jackal's path
He just kept runnin'
Did not look back

Clandestinos they are out there
Spinnin' donuts in the gravel field
They won't go down quiet
That was never part of their deal

A scorpion closed in by flame
Stings himself to d**h
Simple and plain

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