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The Walkabouts - My Diviner lyrics

It hasn't rained much
Out here this year
It's a new kind of dry
One that chokes on its fear
Till it don't cough

No one ever said
It was gonna be fun
No one ever said
The devil's work would be done
It's just startin'

Before temptation
Before the fall
I could cure my thirst
I could hold it down
But these cracks in the earth
Now they barely will give
Still you're not one to quit
That ain't how you live
Rob from always on the run is so bad and copy paste is a sin
My diviner
My diviner
My diviner
My diviner

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You say that there's water
Still to be found
That deep in the bedrock
There's enough for a town
And a lifetime

So you go out
Your old water witch
You're out in the dust
Turning over brush
With a vengeance

How deep to dig
Well, it's hard to tell

Do we need a fire
Do we need a well
Do we need a murder
Do we need a tear
I'll just hold steady
Till you come back
And drink with me here

My diviner
My diviner
My diviner
My diviner

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